STOP binning clothes! Get them recycled!

A hole in your sock ?

Did your jumper shrink ?

Do you own old and faded pj's ?


It is easy to just bin them, right? Right.

Is this good for the environment? Hell no!


Whatever the reason is you would like to throw away your clothes - please think twice.

Don't just bin them, bring them to H&M and get them recycled. 


This is what will happen to your clothes:

1.    Rewear – wearable garments are marketed as second-hand clothing
2.    Reuse – old clothes and textiles are turned into other products
3.    Recycle – the remaining textiles are shredded and turned into other materials


The remaining 3-7% of textiles that can’t be reused or recycled are used as combustible waste for energy production.


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'In 2018, H&M Group collected over 20,649 tonnes of customers’ unwanted old clothes and textiles – not bad given that in 2016, we set a goal for 25,000 tonnes to be collected annually by 2020.' - H&M Group



clothes ready for recycle

Your bonus:
For your donation you'll get a £5 voucher to use on any purchase over £25.


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Let us know in the comments if you ever brought clothes to H&M.

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